I’m Baaack

What is there to say really? Same as everyone in the world, we been in quarantine and laying low.

Ive been doing some work with my old boss Susan and that’s kept me busy and my mind off just being at home all the time. Now that the weather is starting to get better, we’re toying with the idea of hitting the beach (obviously away from everyone), or just visiting somewhere for the day that’s NOT here.

The boys have been working on their project of steps leading up to bocce court. They’ve really outdone themselves and its looking terrific. They’re almost done with the stairs and perhaps they’ll add a little patio at the top. Heres where its at so far:

Just this past week, after 3 months, we actually went out to dinner for Miles’ birthday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in town. They did a wonderful job separating everyone outside and it was a great meal. Miles’ girlfriend Meg came and it was great to see her. She’s been one of the only people visiting because her family has been seriously quarantining too.

Ive been talking to everyone, obviously. But its not the same. I miss hanging out with my friends and just being around people. I know I’m so lucky to have the boys (all 3), and I need to shut up, but I still miss everyone. Im hoping soon we can return to some kind of semblance of normal. Im scared of the second wave and how people are really flagrantly ignoring the rules of quarantine. I suppose we will have to wait and see how this all shakes out.

Meanwhile, in GMA land, she finally got her hair done. Hallelujah. So off she went to the mall and she was thrilled. I have an appt for next week and Im excited, too. I look similar to the Wicked Witch of the West. Ive been taking her to a myriad of dr appts because when your 1) 87ish and 2) Gma, each day is a new problem. After we sorted the drs for the day on Monday, then she then brings up there’s problems with the sinks in the apt and can I have the imaginary handyman come to fix them, because “there are very well known handymen in Ridgefield”. Who these people are is a mystery, but now I have a new project. Yay for me. Todays doctor is a vein specialist because her foot swelled up and we don’t know why. So we’re going this afternoon and hopefully they’ll figure out what’s happening. Next week its the back doctor and perhaps we’ll throw in the eye doctor too, because, why not. Between her drs and my drs, the visits go on and on till the break of dawn.

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