And then there was the Hamate

You guys just aren’t going to believe this. Last week my friend and I went for a walk. Innocent as you please, walking along, my ankle decides to just give out and I fall like a pancake on my face. BUT I break my fall with my hand and arm. It was a gravelly place and dirt and debris got into my hand and it hurt. It took a minute to get up and I was a bit shaken up. What made me feel MUCH better was 4 Westport women who weighed 100 lbs collectively asking if I was ok a million times because when I fell I didn’t pop up like a spring chicken (which, for the record, Im certainly not).

So I ignored the hand, as usual. But by Sunday night it wasn’t feeling any better. Perhaps worse. So I decide to go to orthopedist yesterday and I may have broken a bone in my hand. Of course I did. They took X-Rays and they think its the hamate bone, which has a hook.

They think I broke off the hook part. When that happens, the piece of bone just floats around so they have to surgically remove the piece and eventually it will heal. Im going for an MRI to make sure its the correct diagnosis. Meanwhile, Im one handed. Honestly Im ready for 2020, like everyone else, to be over.

On a good note, my new dining room wallpaper is going up today. Im very excited because the house looks like a hoarder lives here with everything piled up all over the place. Everywhere I turn, its a mess. Also, the painters are coming tomorrow for bedroom so hopefully everything will be in order by next week. Fingers crossed. Will update when I get the MRI with results…OY.

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