Positively GMA

A lot has been happening. We had a nice, yet very quiet Thanksgiving. Just us, the boys and Gma. All the food was great and we relaxed. Gma didn’t eat much but thats normal for her lately. Well, the following days came and went and Gma said she wasn’t feeling well. By Thursday she wasn’t any better and was clearly weak. I made the executive decision, against her will, to call an ambulance and send her to the hospital. Thank god I did.

Turns out she had a giant UTI and was dehydrated. They decided to admit her and they gave her a Covid test (which unless they admit they don’t do) and – she’s positive. She was miserable but still managed to complain about the food. Then her next move was to call at 8pm to ask for a delivery of her slippers, nightgown and robe. I said “Ok, I’ll bring them tomorrow.” Meanwhile she had a crazy roommate yelling in the background “Why cant she bring it tonight?”

We, meanwhile, ran around like lunatics trying to getting tested. All of us, thankfully, are negative. Yesterday, they decided there was nothing else the hospital could do for her as her lungs are clear and she needs no Covid treatment at this time, which is good. They’ve transferred her to a rehab place to try and get her strength up. Coincidentally, its the same place George, her 2nd husband, was in for 8 yrs when they first moved here. So I’m happy she’ll be in a familiar environment. Im waiting to talk to Dr. there after she’s evaluated. I spoke to nurse, who seems lovely and fingers crossed they can get her to eat and gain her strength back.

On the up side, In the last 2 days I’ve seen my orthopedist about hand (good), oncologist (good) and cardiologist (also good). Somehow, I’m ok. We got the tree and its up, as are the decorations. At least we can enjoy them while all this is happening. Below is our newest which I adore:

Geaux Saints!

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