A Wedding and A Shower

We went to a Brazilian wedding. Estella has been working for us for years and she even helped out my mother with cleaning and found her a helper in Alene. She has 2 grown girls (who are gorgeous) and finally found Mr. Right. She was kind enough to invite not only Sam and I to the festivities, but my mother as well.

So yesterday, Sam and I are having a lazy morning, mentally getting ready for the event because we know it’s going to be harrowing with my mother. Around 11 were just about to get in the shower and the power goes. So, no shower, no clean hair, no primping, nothing. Here we are trying to get clean with bottles of Poland Spring water. We throw on our clothes and off we go to GMAs. Its about 35 min to get to her, and of course, she’s not ready. She only had ancient stockings that really didn’t fit her and every time she did anything I had to pull them up on either side if her like she was a toddler. Amazingly, we got to the church early. We’re sitting there and all these women walk in. Gowns, pro make-up and hair, gorgeous. And then there’s me. Water bottle girl. I just kept thinking Thank God no-one cares about us, all eyes on the Bride.

Wedding was lovely, the best part was how happy the couple looked. Now we have about an hour drive to reception and we decide to go to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee for the trip. I have GMA write out a card for the wedding present and she asks me to read it when she’s done. She never disappoints. The first line was how she’s 89. Then how badly her back hurt her. ON THE WEDDING CARD. Once a narcissist…The good news was at the reception, the music was so loud no one could hear her comments, not even me.

One of the first dances was the one where they weed out who’s married the longest. It turns out to be US. The photographers taking all kinds of pictures etc and we’re dying. Of all the times to have pics taken…

Today I took a shower and Im sure everyones thrilled. The hair is clean, so is everything else and I can only hope no-one realized the state I was in last night.

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