GMA’s 89

And she will tell anyone breathing and within hearing distance. Her birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated on Sunday. We went to a local restaurant for lunch, she had a glass of wine and all was right with the world. We went back to the house, opened all her presents and she was happy. So far, so good.

We leave to take her home. We are 1/2 mile from the house and all of a sudden, she’s screaming and flailing. We have no idea what’s going on, Im panicking and I pull up in some ladies driveway who’s looking at us like “Who the hell are you and why are you in my driveway”. Evidently there was a bee in the car and it stung Gma on the finger. Now I know that bee stings really hurt, but if you give her a foot she’ll take a mile. We sit in the driveway just until she kind of calmed down and tell her we’ll go to the CVS, which is down the hill, to get something for it. I swear to God, by the time we got to the CVS, she’d convinced herself SHE HAD MONKEYPOX. Clearly she watches too much TV and she has Monkeypox on the brain. While we were waiting for St. Sammy to get Benadryl etc, Im laughing at her in the car. I needed to keep it light bc first of all she’s ridiculous, second, if she marched in to the home saying she had Monkeypox, they’d probably send her to the hospital to check, only to find out its a bee sting. Oy.

By the time we got her there, she was ok. Calm and ready to go. Every day is an adventure.

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