The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! So yesterday I got the call that I have Breast Cancer.

This came after being as sick as a dog with some awful virus that’s lingered over a week. Coughing, lack of appetite, me laying around listlessly watching My 600 Lb. Life.

Last Thursday had a mammogram and thats when they found a change in my films. Biopsy was Tuesday and yesterday the call. They say its in right breast and in a lymph node. I don’t know much, but after the breakdown that I had, I rallied last night, and made calls to my friends who have already gone through this. I got their surgeon recommendations and made calls this morning and appointments have been made. So within 7 seven my life has spun upside down.

Im optimistic that Ill get through this and will be stronger at the end. I know Ill be up and down through this whole thing. I thank God I have my husband who is unbelieveable. I still have not told my mother, my boys. I know when I tell my mother it will be a whole extra level of complication, and the boys have college finals in 2 weeks. Should I tell them before? After? Oy.

We’ll get through it. Im sure we will.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. You will get thru it. Your family will be there with every scary and painful step. Your friends will cheer for you in your ups and carry you through your downs. You got this Deb. I know you’re a feisty one and a fave. (hearts) and xoxo.


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