Day of Doctors

Its been a day and a half since I found out about the BC. Yesterday I was like a woman possessed, calling doctors recommended to me by friends. I made a bunch of appointments and I got 2 for Friday, which I thought was a miracle altogether because it was Good Friday.

After the husband and I saw both doctors we agreed they were both knowledgable and caring and had teams in place that would work great. We decided to go with Dr. C because she spent so much time with us explaining things and was so unhurried. We were impressed that she had booked an appointment with the oncologist within an hour and her team was really on the ball. Also, her hospital is linked with my local so my cardiologist, GP etc can see all reports, all the time.

I feel better now because we understand slightly more about what’s gong on and how to treat. We’ll know more after seeing Dr. Z the oncologist on Tuesday, but we think the plan will involve hormone therapy and surgery in about 6 months. This whole thing is scary and your being thrown medical terms left, right and center and you really have your head swimming around. Between the 2 appointments, traveling etc we spent a total of 6 hours of the day and it was exhausting. However, I have to say everyone we met with was kind and patient.

Meanwhile, for comic relief, I called my mother on the way home to tell her what was going on. Now my mother truly loves me (her only child) but cannot help that she’s the most narcissistic person on the planet. So she gets on the phone and says “Deborah Ann, I have good news!” Great, what is it? “Well, I just got off the phone with my friend (83) who says things have come a long way a you should just breeze through this! Plus she said you’re lucky to have a mother with a personality like mine because it will help you all along the way!”

OR it will make me want to leap in the grave early….

Then she says it’s very important for her to get the easter egg coloring cups down from above the fridge and can I come over and do that? When I explain thats not first on my priority list she says “Deborah Ann, Im just trying to make easter nice” with a tone like she can’t believe Im not rushing over there. She’s completely crazy.

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