Yesterday was great. My friend Mary L. anon for a coffee. d I decided to walk around the mall because it was raining out. We, like the old biddies we are, cruised the mall, walked around it 3 times and still did not reach our normal 3 miles. We’ve decided the mall is not really for us because we keep getting distracted, plus I keep eyeing the Starbucks and torturing her to stop.

We finally stopped, then Mary had the idea to go to a Sample Sale down near Greenwich. We went and I got some crazy pants but in the end I love them because they’re so not me. Just have to pop them over to the tailer to have them fit to my stubby little legs.

Came home, did a little work and it really felt like a normal day. Then I got a great basket from my friend Janet which involved chocolate. Again struck how I could never get through my life without everyone I have in my life.

Todays adventure is taking my mother to have an eye duct repaired. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m pretty sure it will be dramatic. Ugh.

Loud. Im going to be loud.

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