The Fur Will Fly

Today was CAT scan day. All these tests are crazy because at the moment, different doctors are ordering different things and the tests are all over the place. Today I got the CAT scan moved up to this morning. You can’t drink or eat 4 hours before so no breakfast for me. Once there you have to drink 2 glasses of Dilute barium sulfate then get more intravenously injected radiocontrast agents. The absolute best part was when they inject the intravenous meds it feels like your whole body is warm, FROM THE INSIDE. So basically you feel like you’re going to pee at any moment then they stick you in the machine and you have to hold your breath. Its a good time all around.

Then I was starving and was a disgusting person and went to Mcdonalds for lunch. But I have to say, it was 11:45 and those french fries were delish. And the Diet Coke, at any time, is manna from Heaven…

Ok, so Dr. C. just called and according scan, no other breast cancer was found. But, Hurrah, they found some kind of hemangioma in my liver. Actually three of them. Come on. Really? She said probably all benign, but now I need ANOTHER contrast MRI, in addition to breast MRI to see what this shit is. I think the more in depth tests that we do the more things we’ll find. Most will be minor things but Im not sure I want to know everything wrong with me….

So later in the week, bone scan, breast MRI, and liver MRI. Blahhhhhh.

I swear to god if I have to give up wine the fur is going to fly.

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