Worst test ever…so far

Yesterday was the Breast MRI. You lay on this weird little table, face down with your chest in holes facing down. Its REALLY uncomfortable. Then you face is in a pillow thing like on a masseuse table but without essential oils. Then you put in ear plugs and they shove you in the machine.

Then you’re in there for about 30 minutes with it banging away. You’re not supposed to move at all which is not easy because you’re thinking about not moving. Then you start breathing. Then you think about if you’re breathing too much. The whole thing is retarded. Whoever thought of this torture must have been involved in the Spanish Inquisition. Hopefully everything will be ok with this ridiculous thing.

These are NOT mine.

The bright spot of the day was we went out to dinner with friends who are originally from New Orleans and we got to chat all about my favorite city. They even brought Mardi Gras beads for us to wear. It was a very nice evening to cap off a really crappy day.

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