Another Big Dummy Moment

Yesterday I had the bright idea of going to the Bronx Zoo. I called my friends, who, god love them, said “Sure!” and I thought Im a genius because I had no tests and it was a beautiful day and we had an absolutely wonderful time. We walked for 3 hours through the whole zoo, saw gorgeous animals and enjoyed everything the place had to offer. I love that zoo. Ive been bringing my boys there since they were teeny and it is truly part of our family culture. It was great to share it with my friends who hadn’t been in years and I think now appreciate how fun it is to just walk around and experience this amazing place.

After that, we went to Arthur Avenue, which is an Italian section of the Bronx, had a great lunch, did a bit of food shopping (specialty cheeses, bread and pastries) and got home happy and thankful that I have friends who put up with my caprices.

Today I had the liver MRI scheduled. I arrived and they looked at me like I was insane. Why, you ask? Because Dummy’s appointment was YESTERDAY. Ugh. They must think Im losing my shit, which I am, but Im trying to keep it on the DL. Soooo, made another appointment for tomorrow (thank god they had an opening) and Ill be back on track. Its amazing how I really think I have it all together then Im proved completely incorrect.

2 thoughts on “Another Big Dummy Moment

  1. After reviewing my pulmonology and cardio status (both under treatment) I told my oncologist something never before heard in a hospital:
    “Why can’t I just have cancer?

    Almost funny, a showstopper !


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