Vlad the Impaler

Its 3:30am and Im up. Had first biopsy for the trial yesterday and am still sore. I was going to go on my own to this appointment, but my friend Mary, whose smarter than I am, came with me. First was the blood letting…4 vials for baseline tests. Met with Dr. L and got my whole schedule of appointments through November.

Then we had some time so we wandered around Stamford and had a lovely lunch outside because it was a beautiful day. I had a delish hamburger. And onion rings. Because I could.

Then off to get the biopsy. With me was the ultrasound tech, nurse, Dr from trial, Dr to perform biopsy. Layed on a table so ultrasound could begin. When we looked at the pics I realized my cancer mysteriously resembles a bat..which, is now named Vlad.

Next,the Dr numbs the area, inserts needle DEEP in there because that’s where Vlad resides. Then another needle goes in and you hear clicking when they retrieve bits of Vlad for testing. Once they got 4 samples, they’re flash frozen to be sent to Boston so they can slice up the samples to examine cells. I then started Letrizole which Ill be taking for the next 2 weeks and the another biopsy to see progress. I was grateful that I had a ride. Sometimes you just have to admit you can’t do it by yourself.

Came home and iced. Miles made dinner and Phillip made cocktails and it was as good as it could be. Im going to try and go back to bed. My schedule is crazy.

2 thoughts on “Vlad the Impaler

  1. Love you Deb so sorry you are going through this!!
    Keep up the GREAT mindset !!
    Miss you I’m here if you need a ride a glass of wine or talk !!!



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