What a Weekend

Friday we picked up Miles from JFK and was so happy to have him home. We then drove 4 hours to Keene NH for Phillips Graduation. On the way I got a call that all my tests were submitted and I was accepted to the trial and I WILL be on the drug that doubles the effectiveness of the hormone therapy. Im excited because I think this will really be good in shrinking the cancer cells and hopefully will result in a less invasive surgery.

Got to Keene and hung out with Phillip and had a early night while the boys went to the cigar lounge. Saturday was the big day. So proud of him. It was a long and winding road to graduation but he got there. I can’t wait to see his next chapter. Of course, he had to torture me by missing his last exam, the professor took off for Greece and there was a whole big issue about taking the test to graduate. True to form, he somehow talked himself into getting a proctor the day before graduation just to keep things interesting.

Me and the boys

We had a great day and Im so happy to have everyone together. Then we celebrated Mothers day with Gma at the hibachi place. Always entertaining when she tries to catch shrimp out of thin air, plus drink sake from a squeeze bottle.

Grateful to have us all together. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What a Weekend

  1. Happy moms day Deb! Congrats on your sons graduation!
    All I can say about that other thing is wtf!!! Sending love and lots of prayers your way. Keep going my friend and don’t give up! Would love to see you!


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