We snuck in a weeks vacation in between my biopsies, which actually worked out perfectly because it was the only week both boys will be home all summer. We went to Key West and had a great time.

We stayed at a resort away from the action because it was near the local beach. What we didn’t realize was its a man-made beach, and the men were making it while we were there. See below

Another thing was that there was a ton of seaweed accumulated and you literally had to wade through it. I don’t really love lakes, because of all the unknown down below. This was reminiscent of that, but I kept my cool and just pretended I was having a seaweed wrap at the spa…

So the next day we stayed by the pool. We started noticing that most of the servers in town were Eastern European. Everyone was very nice except for our crazy pool lady whom we christened Ludmilla. When you went up to get a towel she’s like “You want towel????” “Where’s your card?” “Leaving for the beach??” “Room Number?” She held on to those towel cards like free tickets to the Krakow Train Station. God help us if we came up short. I was scared.

Relaxing by the Beach, and our Ludmilla

During the week we went to a museum with a Haunted Doll and a great hearse (for future reference) Toured a Turtle Hospital and went on a dolphin cruise. We really got to see a lot of things

The best part was relaxing with my boys and Phillip’s big thing was getting a genuine Panama hat. Sam got one too and the pair of them were a sight running around the island. We had great time in the bars and restaurants. We also toured Hemingways House and went to the oldest bar down there, Captain Tonys.

Tomorrow it’s back to reality. Phillip leaves for the UK for a month on Wednesday and Miles leaves next week for the summer in Chicago. Happily my husband stays here. Its a great start to the summer.

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