Biopsy Part Deux

Yesterday was second biopsy. My friend Mary graciously took me for the day (evidently only Marys are allowed to take me) and had blood drawn again (not bad, only 2 vials) then wandered around and had lunch before the procedure. Different doctor this time with a underdeveloped sense of humor. She asked if I had a lot of bleeding with the first procedure and I said no, but if I do now we know it will be your fault. She became apoplectic and said “No it Wont!” Jesus , Mary and Joseph, calm the fuck down.

During the last procedure the doctor went in and, 1, 2, 3, he had his samples. This one first doesn’t give me enough numbing so Im jumping out of the chair, then she’s rooting around in there like she’s looking for a prize in the bottom of a cereal box. THEN she decapitates Vlad. It was all too much. Finally it was over and she gives me her card and says “Here’s my cell, but I normally don’t pick up” Thank you. That makes me feel better. Dumbass. So Im still icing and laying low. That’s the last of the biopsies thank God, and Ive started the trial drug which will continue for 6 months.

This is what goes in to get the samples…good times.

So a little sore today, but moving along. I have the guy here fixing the ice machine which has been down for 2 months. He just said Oy. Thats not a good sign…Meanwhile when all is said and done this this will cost about $600. Wait, now the wires are too short and the new part cant be put in and we have to call the home office. Help me.

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