Misshapen Love

Love x 3

Yesterday I got a package.

Eleven years ago Phillip was in middle school and he met the new kid from the UK. They became fast friends and eventually our two families all became friends. They are a great, fun group. The best part was, when they first met, Phillips friend looked just like Oliver Twist and I tortured this poor kid by making him say “Please sir, may I have some more” EVERY TIME HE CAME OVER. How he can even talk to me is a mystery.

They have moved back to the UK so we cant get together as much as we like. We still keep in touch and weirdly when we were in Florida on vacation, they were there too. We were sad because although we were in the same state we were too far to meet. BUT, they schlepped Cadbury chocolate all the way over, because they feel its the universal cure. So then they mailed it, while its 100 degrees out. The chocolate decided it couldn’t handle the trip. It arrived as above.

I love it and I love them. I love that they thought about me. I love that its chocolate. I love all my friends who have shown me so much love and support. If nothing else, this rotten disease has shown me what a strong network I have.

Today I drove Miles to the airport for his summer internship in Chicago. Im annoyed because what kind of internship lasts until the end of summer so the intern cant see his mother before returning to school? God. Damn. It. However, I know he has a million adventures ahead of him and he’s going to have a blast.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest GMA story. Beginning around 10 years ago, I started taking Gma on vacation because thats the only way she’d get away. As we know, she very high maintenance and during each trip I barely keep myself from killing her. We’ve gone through staying in the same room (bad idea) to separate rooms (better idea) and now there’s the addition of the wheelchair. Several months ago I booked rooms in Kennebunkport, MA, where we went last year. But after the diagnosis, Ive been thinking the whole thing may be too much. Its a 5 hr ride without all the bathroom stops, and I booked it for 6 days, far too long.

Yesterday I took her to Dr who determined she has bronchitis, and her knee is bothering her. So she mentions maybe we should cancel trip. Today I call, and say I think its right to cancel the trip to Maine and perhaps go somewhere closer for a shorter time because we booked it months ago, before what’s going on now. To which I get the reply “But Deborah Ann, its the only time I get away, and Ive told my friends about it, and what’s going on???” I say, Cancer! Cancer! I HAVE CANCER!!! She says, “Oh, ok, we’ll go where you want to.” AAARRGGHHH. Suffice to say Ive just eaten HALF of one of those bars above…

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