What is it?

Today I got my nails done. First I get the pedicure, with fab new polish called Throw me a Kiss. Pale sparkly pink that looks so pretty. Now we move over to get nails done. I sit down and my manicurist has some kind of thing in a bottle.

Im thinking its bean sprouts in water. And as I watch, each strand slowly falls down. Look at the bottom…they all slowly fell down. Its mesmerizing, yet disgusting. Plus Im thinking who the hell is drinking bean sprouts in water. Then Im thinking what if its NOT bean sprouts? WHAT IN GODS NAME IS IT???? Then I look around and everyone else has tea. Or coffee. Or water. No strange floaty things. No, no. Only my girl.

Then had a great lunch with a bunch of friends. One has moved away and came for a visit which provided us all a great excuse to get together and have fun. Its always special to spend time together, plus we had awesome salads of which I had 2 portions each, though how after seeing the bottle I could eat is a mystery.

Now watching Godzilla. Because thats the mood Im in.

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