After Life

Friday night we were home and wanted to watch something new on tv. I had another rough day with GMA and I was done. Id heard about Ricky Gervais’ show called After Life. Innocent as you please, because I really hadn’t heard anything about the premise of the show, we started episode 1. We ended up binging the entire season and I was bawling my head off. And I don’t cry.

The show examines the grief of a husband (Ricky) after the death of his wife from Breast Cancer. There are videos sprinkled through each episode of Rickys wife telling him how to go on after she’s gone. Although the whole show is fantastic, its these snippets of their relationship that really pull me. Their marriage was strong and fun.

All I could think of was Sam and our marriage. I think its rare to really find your person. The person who you can be yourself with. The one who laughs at all your stupid jokes and knows all your references. The one who really loves you. I have been so fortunate to have him in my life, for most of my life. We met when we were 20 and have been together ever since. He is the kindest person I know and also the funniest. He makes me laugh every day. Although my situation is different, I KNOW Ill beat this, the videos touched me. Rickys wife wants him to enjoy life and move on. All I could think about is everything she said, I would say to Sam. Its a peculiar place to be, to actually face that your life is not infinite. That, although we know there’s an end, we blithely travel through our lives, knowing that tomorrow will always be there. But this show makes you look at what happens when tomorrow is not assured and the effect a death has on loved ones. Gervais has a gift for capturing real feelings while also shining a light on some of the small ridiculous things that give people hope and happiness.

All through this, Ive seen how much the people in my world love me, and how much I love them. Thats another thing we take for granted, our friendships. We have people move through our lives and rarely examine the relationships we have with them. Its all these relationships, if your lucky enough to have them, that makes a life rich and important.

Of all my relationships, Sam is my favorite, which is good because he’s the husband. Im blessed to have him, even though he makes me garden when I don’t want to. But then he pulls out a monster weed like a boss. And makes me laugh.

The Boss

One thought on “After Life

  1. Love this and will of course watch this show on Netflix. You have the gift and I hope to be reading your blog (post)
    fucking cancer!!


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