The Wet Blanket

Yesterday I had to take GMA to the doctors to get a pain management shot in her back. Sam and I had just returned Sunday from weekend to spend a couple of days on Long Island with friends. Gma clearly was not happy we were away. And in her usual way, drama ensued. She’s like a giant, damp blanket that descends on your head.

She gets in the car and pronounces “WELL, it was a HORRIBLE weekend! I spent the whole weekend STARVING. I would NEVER leave a family member with no food! I looked in the refrigerator and I HAD NO NOURISHMENT.” (Actual words if you can believe it)

So as this barrage is raining down, Im sitting there dumbfounded. I ask “Why didnt Maria (her helper who comes every Thursday) go to the store?” “Well, we were doing other things.” Never mind that I pay her to shop for food. Then I say “Do you not have a phone? Could you not call for delivery?” To which I get “I shouldn’t have to spend money on delivery.” I reply, “If you don’t have anything, order, Ill pay” “That’s not the point…I shouldn’t be alone for 5-6 days (I was gone 3). Needless to say, Im organizing Meals on Wheels and I told her if she keeps this up she’ll be in a home quicker that you can say “You’re torturing me.”

After the appointment I had to get supplemental things for her and proceeded to buy an entire chocolate cake to salve my wounds.

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