Young Love

I went to a wedding shower on Saturday. It was the first one in a while and it was lovely. It was a long day for me because I had to leave the house at 10:30am and schlepp to lower Manhattan and by end of the day didn’t get home until 6pm. Normally no problem, but because of current sleeping pattern was concerned I was going to nap while driving home which is usually not the best scenario.

Was given the heads up that the shower would not involve opening gifts and I was a little worried that we would all be looking at each other for 3 hours like a bunch of dummies. HOWEVER, it was really so nice. It gave everyone time to get to know each other, relax and have a great time. Before you realized it, the time had flown by. Before I realized it also, Im sitting at the Old Guard Table. Which is 100% where I belong, but Im sure the ladies at my table and I were all thinking the same thing…where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that we were attending our own friends showers. I think thats one of the weird things about aging, your body continues to fall apart but, if you’re lucky, your mind stays young. I always tell Sam, at some point, all I’ll be is a head in a box that he carries around to provide amusing comments throughout his day. But back to our shower, the bride glowed and you could see she was ready for this next adventure of her life. Im very lucky I get to be part of it.

Meanwhile, yesterday GMA came over and described how she stalks her neighbor. She watches him go to work (Very Well Dressed), reads his envelopes (Well, I didn’t OPEN them) and tells him not to slam the door because (Her pictures will fall down). I told her to stop being the CRAZY old lady next door. She says “What do you mean?” I then recounted above and I think she realized she IS the crazy old lady next door. New day, new story.

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