Product of the Century

Today I shaved my legs. Unfortunately I nicked a little mole on my upper thigh and didn’t realize it. Several minutes later I look down at my hand and there’s blood all over it. Huh. I wash it off and continue on. Then I started to wrap a present on the bed. I look down and blood’s everywhere. Im on blood thinners and evidently when I nick something its a bloodbath.

So I wash the blood covered duvet with Greased Lightning and everything comes out. Ive sworn by this product, sold at Home Depot, for years. You could kill a family of 5 and no-one would ever know because this gets rid of everything. Grease, blood, dirt. I absolutely love it. It’s really unnatural how much I love it. If I was famous, all I would endorse would be Greased Lightning.

Meanwhile, GMA got her first Meals on Wheels and she was very happy, thank all the gods above. The food looked “Great” and the amount was good and the delivery people talked to her and she was thrilled. Tick one job off the list.

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