Cancer Schmancer

Me, Fran and Diane

Last night, I went on the Cancer Schmancer dinner cruise. One of my oldest friends, Diane, runs Cozi TV and has The Nanny on her network. She’s worked with Fran Drescher and was invited to go on the annual cabaret cruise and was kind enough to ask me to come. It was a special night where people from all walks of life gather to support Frans mission to fight cancer with early detection.

Fran was misdiagnosed seven times before she learned she had uterine cancer. She said, “We have to know more so when we go into the doctor’s office, we’re better partners with them because oftentimes, the test you need isn’t even on the menu.” She very knowledgable regarding alternative therapies and testing.

Its amazing that once you get cancer, you realize you’re part of a special community that really wants the best for us all. Like Fran says, “Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages.” I couldn’t agree more.  She’s warm, sweet and really has found her mission in life. Im lucky I got to meet her.

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