Delicious Hibiscus

I cant believe it. We had two large empty flower pots in the back and I thought we should get something for them. So off Sam and i go to the garden center and we find hibiscus trees 50% off! Fantastic! We buy two and Sammy puts them in the pots and they’re great! Were so proud of ourselves! Then we learn that they flower only one day, the flowers die, but a new batch is right behind them so every day you get new blooms. Lovely.

My friend Maury comes over to visit, and while we’re chatting we look out the window and see 2 baby fawn across the yard. Now when we first moved here, the boys and I would see deer and drive after them to see them closer. We thought they were adorable. HOWEVER, as the years go by, those rotten deer have eaten hundreds of dollars of landscaping. Lo and behold, those little bastards have eaten my trees down to a nub. I’m annoyed.

Before and After

On another front, Ive started a new herbal remedy suggested by my oncologist for my ridiculous hot flashes. Its called Relizen. So far so good, but I really haven’t noticed a change, though its only been 3 days. The packaging says it may take up to 3 months to work. Ugh. I guess Im going to continue to roast for a while. Like a chicken.

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