Get through the Storm

This weekend we had a visit from a friend. She is going through a divorce and she’s concerned that her children will be impacted by the upheaval of the new family dynamic. Its been coming for a long time and there’s been a lot going on and the kids have already been through a lot of turmoil. We had a very long talk and although I understand that the kids (all of whom are out of high school) will definitely live with all of this, and carry it through their lives, they will survive.

I think that no matter who you talk to, meet or associate with, everyone has their problems. It’s easy to say “Oh, look at so and so, their life is perfect.” What you don’t see is that everyone has something. Emotional, physical, psychological, financial. Its simply some people hide it better than others or can deal with it on a deeper level.

My heath issues have been around for a long time and emotionally my mother has been around my whole life (obviously). There were times that were really hard. But I truly believe that they all made me stronger. I think you have to WILL yourself to get through and always know you’ll get through to the other side. Also getting help when you need it is so important. When my mother first moved to town I was so depressed poor Sam would come home to me hysterical crying. Every day. But I called a therapist, went for a while and once we established Im not dealing with a normal person, I felt better and moved on. Would I go again? Absolutely. Because I cant imagine that anyone knows how to deal with every situation that comes up in life. It’s ridiculous to think you can. These professionals have tools to help you control your own responses, because, god knows, you cant change other peoples responses to you.

I know these kids will be fine on the other end of this and I know my friend is strong and that all of them will support each other. They are a close family who didn’t deserve what they’ve been dealt. We are all given hard, miserable things to go through but the goal is to try and fight hard to get through the storm.

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