This last week I took Gma on her annual vacation. Its the only time she gets away and Im the only person who could POSSIBLY put up with her, so there we are. We ended up going to Mystic CT, which is lovely. For most people a 2 day excursion at most. We stayed 4. With us came the wheelchair, the walker and the cane. Though when I packed the wheelchair I forgot the leg attachments so she had to raise her legs the whole time, which lasted exactly 30 min. So wheelchair was out.

She loves being by the water so it was a nice destination. We went to the Seaport and she loved learning about the whales and seeing the ships. The only downside was the heat which was in the 90s and difficult to for her to do much. All in all she had a good time and I thanked god every night I had my own room. Bengay, the slipper shuffle and room temp up to 75 degrees is just too much altogether. But we survived and another year is in the books.

Then came home and she called me THE NEXT DAY (Friday) with things I had to do. I lost my shit and called my poor husband. He sorted her out on Saturday and I took a valium.

Saturdays excitement was my niece Taylor (who’s 5 month pregnant) and her husband, Zac were visiting NY. They came early then Zac’s family (8 more) were coming Sunday evening. Zac’s aunt (who’s never been to NY) booked a hotel near the Bronx Zoo, which was one of the main reasons they came because they love the show The Zoo (which I love too). I was suspicious of the hotel when they say “Its a Sheraton” except its a Sheridan with an “i.” I look up the place and some reviews were “People drinking bottles of alcohol in the lobby and asking for hourly rates.” Im horrified.

T & Z get to hotel and the guy says “look at the room before I charge you.” First red flag. Evidently filthy and HAD A TISSUE WITH BLOOD IN THE PEEPHOLE. Fantastic. Needless to say, those two came up for the night. Then we all went to the Met for the day and we sorted them a new hotel room in Manhattan. Im just glad everything worked out and my little great niece wasn’t murdered before she was even born. Meanwhile Taylor was excellent, looks great and I know these two are going to be unbelievable parents. It was great to spend time with just them and I can’t wait to spoil the hell out of that baby.

Hanging like an Egyptian

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