Surgery x two

Yesterday was Doctor Day. Sam stayed home and first we went to the breast surgeon. She is really lovely and it was nice to see her again. When she saw me she said I looked much better and this will probably be the way breast cancer will be treated in the future. I was happy that she was happy and we set the date for the surgery for Nov. 15. Im a little nervous about it but am doing to deal with it when it gets closer.

Then we went to the orthopedic doctor to check on Sams knee. He has a torn meniscus and it was decided that he needs surgery. That will happen in the next week or two and I think, having been through it myself, that it will be much better in the long run. Plus Ill get to baby him for a while.

The best part of the day, for him at least, was he got his delivery of wood for the season. He’s like a little kid when the guy comes with this is enormous amount of lumber. Luckily, Phillip and his friend Johnny were here and they worked all afternoon to stack it. Now my husband is comfortable that in case of the apocalypse at least we’ll be warm.

The fortress of wood. It goes on and on, till the break on dawn.

One thought on “Surgery x two

  1. I remember fondly that beautiful stack of wood for a roaring fire to come. Not so much use for it anymore down here in Savannah. Miss you.


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