Yesterday Sam had meniscus surgery on his knee, poor thing. The surgery went very well and he was great yesterday but today he’s feeling the pain. Hopefully in a couple days he’ll feel better. He’s walking around, slightly and trying to do the bike to loosen up his knee.

I saw Dr. L, the oncologist, this morning. All going really well. He says Im making it look effortless. I don’t know about that but Im happy that everything going well and continuing to shrink. Got some news. I told him we had scheduled my surgery for Nov 15, but it seems that I have to wait 40 days after the last of the Ibrance to have the procedure. Which now puts it around Christmastime. But he said I could wait until the first week in January, approx. So there we are. Then we wait and do 3-5 weeks radiation. Then more Ibrance.

Im now sitting here with the invalid and my crazy son who has us watching Deliverance. I’ve actually never seen it and Im scared.

Its over and all Ill say is Ill never trust Burt Reynolds with my travel plans

One thought on “Deliverence

  1. Geez Deb, your house sounds crazy! Lol. I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m out of work for a bit. Miss you! Glad to see the cancer shrinking still!! Yippee!! Also can’t wait to hear more “mom” stories.


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