Traveling with my Love

On the road again this weekend. Sammy and I left for Pittsburgh Friday morning. The primary reason for the visit was my nieces baby shower and also just to catch up with everyone there. We left early, made good time and we were there in just over 7 hours. Time for a small rest then out with friends for dinner. The big news of the evening was that one of them was diagnosed with cancer. Its so scary. Everything will be fine, but hearing it from others makes you terrified for them, even though you have it yourself. It feels like half the world is being diagnosed. I know its an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like. So though it was a bombshell, we had a lovely time and we were so happy to get to see them.

Next day was the baby shower, which was adorable and Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas themed. Taylor got everything under the sun and I think she’s 100% ready for Rose’s arrival, at least as far as equipment is concerned. Lots of her friends, colleagues and family were there and she was glowing.

As you can see, the mother and her friend are glowing, too

Next day was more paperwork with the sister-in-law regarding probate, where a good time was had by all. Then we went to see exhibit on mummies from all over the world, which was great. Very informative and spooky for the season. Then dinner out to catch up with the in-laws.

Meanwhile, lets discuss how people are completely in their own little worlds without a thought for any one else. Case in point, we go to get a coffee. Walk in the place and a woman is standing where the line would be, but not ordering and staring into space. Good. We ask if she’s in line and she looks at us like we asked her to get a lobotomy, which clearly she needed. No, says she, so off we go and order. She then gets a coffee after us and stands in front of the coffee prep station, right in the middle, so no one else can get anything for their coffee for 5 minutes while she puts a little coffee, a little creamer, a little sugar, SWISHES IT AROUND IN CUP, and repeats over and over. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Then Friday night when we were having dinner with our friends, we were having a drink at the bar and one of the waiters starts yelling at this woman because apparently she comes in every night, orders a childs meal, then harasses the staff if its not ready on time. So that was a scene. Then Saturday, at a TOTALLY DIFFERENT RESTAURANT, she comes back in and orders the childs meal to go. who am I to say, but I think she was a nut.

Then came the ride home. My highly clairvoyant husband says “I don’t think everyone has Columbus Day off (they do) so lets not go home through New Jersey, lets go the longer way through PA up to CT.” What he didn’t foresee was the 2 hour back up and the driving tour of Lake Wallenpaupack that ensued. We had to go completely by the lake following 18 wheelers. Unfortunately we missed Claws “N” Paws wild animal park, which I sure would have just topped off the trip. All in all, it took us 10 hours to get home and one of us (me) was cranky. Also we stopped at Cracker Barrel (please don’t ask) and had 2 old ladies stare us down through our whole meal of sodium infused home cooking’. UGH.

Long story long, we’re home for the duration now and though Im glad we saw everyone and had some great visits, I’m happy to be home. Sam needs to rest his leg, and I just need to rest and Im done being in the car for a while! The only thing I’m going to miss is seeing the arrival of that baby, but Ill rely on FaceTime to get me through. 🙂

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