Back where I belong…

Spent the weekend with our baby in NOLA. I love New Orleans. I love the architecture, I love the food, I love the people. When I’m there I feel like I’m home. I was so happy to see Milesy. He’s doing so well. And we got to spend more time with Meg, who’s just lovely.

The only bad part was that it was 100 degrees, or at least felt like it. I would step outside and within 5-10 min I looked like someone washed me down with a hose. Whats fascinating is there are some people that look completely fine and do not get drenched the minute they step outside.

We did a lot of fun things though. We went to Scales and Ales which is a fun event at the Aquarium. We went to Beignet Fest where it was ONE THOUSAND degrees and we almost died. We had a lot of great meals including lunch at Antoines which is my favorite. We also got to get together with all of Milesy friends and I love them all. They are a great group and they’re all so sweet. Look at them. Just look.

Meanwhile, Susan came with us and we all had a blast hanging together. She visited her godmother and I think really enjoyed getting to know the city. She understands why I love it.

I was a little slower during the trip. Lots of ubers and naps, and Ive been fighting a small cold since we got back. Have been laying low and getting ready to go to Pittsburgh for my nieces baby shower. Lots happening, and Im just trying to keep up…and out of the Pit of Misery.

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