Im a Glutton

This was my favorite time of year…Halloween. Poor old Sam had to add, once again, to our cable bill because one of my favorite channels, TCM, had been moved to another package and I’m desperate for it at Halloween because they play all the best old horror movies. I then proceeded to tape 20 movies, The Curse of Frankenstein, Die, Monster Die, Freaks, The Wolf Man, House of Dracula etc. Its worth every penny. Ive been sitting here, catching up on my knitting and wallowing in horror. Add a fire and a glass of wine and it may just be paradise.

Ive seen them all a million times, doesn’t matter because I can watch them a million more. I feel like I know all the characters and I feel comfy, like they’re old friends. Not only does Sam have to pay for the channel, he also has to suffer through watching all the movies. I married a saint.

Am relaxing this week getting prepared for the next two weeks of drs and tests. But at least I have Dracula to keep me company…

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