Testing with Prince Valium

Well, you would THINK having said prince would help while having my second breast MRI but sadly, not so much. I think it slightly relaxed me but I was still laying on that crazy table, wondering about how much I should breathe etc. Its a rotten, miserable test (see previously posted, detailed blog) and I hate it. The poor, poor nurses that have to have me in that machine. Im a cranky horrible patient whenever Im there bc it’s just so uncomfortable. But, whatever. I got find out some super news though. Evidently Ill have to have one of these once a year. I’m doubling up on the valium and Mary’s going to have to wheel me out of there next time.

After, we went to get breakfast and I had a delish omelette and much needed coffee. Mary L. was with me the whole time. I know Ive said this a million times before but Im so grateful for the women in my life and how they’ve made this journey manageable. Mary also took me to a cancer recovery center last week to check it out and do a yoga class. She, of course, looked like a pretzel in all the poses while I was just trying not to fall over (as usual). Its a very nice place, but I think Im going to check out Ann’s Place which is right here in town and has a lot of classes and more counseling resources. I may try to get there before my surgery, but the time is getting close and I’ll see if I can get it together to get over there.

It snowed today, just a dusting but enough to remind me what’s coming. By the time we got home, my sweet prince kicked in and I had a lovely nap. Best part of the day 🙂

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