Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very grateful. I know this is the thing to say today, but I’m REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL. The boobie is looking great. A little bruised and battered, but it’s getting there. Every day I feel a bit better and I’m definitely on the road to recovery. 

I’m so grateful for:

My Doctors – who did a wonderful job

My Family & Friends – who are one and the same and in whom I can always count on for anything

My Boys – all three who treat me like a queen

Percocet – who got me through

Miles got home early, Phillip is constant comic relief and everyone pitched in for Thanksgiving dinner. Much of the cooking was done yesterday, Thank God, because we woke up today with NO FUCKING POWER. Fantastic. We have a generator and that was pumping away so we didn’t miss a beat cooking the dinner. 

Stuffing that Bird

We are all looking forward to watching the Saints tonight. I’m home, I’m healthy-ish, I’m happy. I hope all of your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving and can savor being together, along with the pies. Love to you all. OX

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