Its Over…for Now

Hola everyone. It Sunday morning and Im icing and all is ok. Evidently the doctor said everything went as well as it possibly could. Which is great news. We arrived at hospital at 6:00am and what a joy that was. Got all prepped and met my anathesiologist. Whose name was Vlad. I kid you not, my tumor and my Dr have the same name. Sammy said it’s a Tale of Two Vlads. I told him the story and showed him the pic of my Vlad and I don’t think he knew how to take it. 🙂 Here he is in all his glory…

He did a great job because I don’t remember much after he left the room. They took 3-4 nodes, which is great because no drain, no elephant arm. Ive been wearing a crazy compression bra so I don’t know what the damage is until I take a shower today. Fingers crossed. I have to say everyone a Norwalk Hospital was very kind and though I don’t remember much, I remember it was an easy experience all around.

Yesterday I just relaxed, read and iced all day. Phillip George got me gorgeous flowers, Barb came over with a huge container of pasta and a basket from Denise that I haven’t even looked at yet. Great news, Miles is coming home TODAY. I was able to change his flight and he’s arriving 3 days early.

Well, the worst is over. I just wanted to let everyone know Im still kicking and still alive. More when I see what the damage is. Thanks for keeping up and thanks for being there. Love to you all.

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