Torture Number 2

So it’s the day before surgery 2. I got money (because why not?) I won a game at the local pharmacy and they had to take my picture with no makeup at 9am (not my finest hour), got my hair and nails done because the inside might be shit, but the outside is going to be banging. Met darling Phillip at bar for a glass of wine, while house was cleaned, and saw Maury and Jeet there. Am now doing laundry and dinner to complete household duties before tomorrow. Because who knows what’s happening after.

Let’s discuss the nails. I got the greatest sparkly red, like ten little parties on my nails. Its amazing how something so simple can make you feel great, like everything can’t be that desperate if your nails look this good. I know its crazy, but there you are. Tell me they aren’t gorgeous.

Im hoping everything goes smoothly. There’s nothing I can do now except pray for the best outcome. Ive gotten a stuffed elephant for the surgeon to have a visual in her head to remind her Im not interested in an elephant arm. Fingers crossed.

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