Yet true. We get to the hospital at 8:30am on Tuesday. Gave Dr C her reminder which she appreciated

By 10 Im wheeled in. Turns out they take the margin, plus more lymph nodes. Plus a hematoma in my breast THAT WAS THE SIZE OF AN ORANGE. Let’s let that sink in for a moment. And add drain, a whole new level of excitement. So Im in enormous pain, much more than first surgery. Sammy has seen me go every color of the Benjamin Moore white pallate (Alabaster, Decorators White, Intense White). Turns out Im developing ANOTHER hematoma where the lymph nodes were. And am anemic. So next step is to get blood in me. (reverse vladmosis).

So we have to wait for tests etc, long story short, the blood arrives at 1 am, and takes 3 hrs to infuse, so now we’re at 4 am. Nurses in my room every 15/30 minutes so this is where I get to have 2 solid hours of sleep. So when Dr sees me Wed. its determined the second hematoma needs to be dealt with and because its an add on surgery it will be at end of day. Second surgery happens and that actually releases the pain quite a bit because prior to that I was just screaming for percocet and ice. Thursday was feeling better but still anemic so yet another 4 hour transfusion of blood. Now the good news is the nails matched the blood so at least Im coordinated.

Not yet dead but coordinated

By Thursday afternoon was released. Was so happy to be home. We finally watched the Irishman and I stayed up till 9 which I thought was impressive, for any day. Slept right through until 10am so, although still uncomfortable, Im ok. So far so good. Hoping for no more hematomas, drain does its job and pain goes away. I thought Id had enough, but Ive really, really had enough…

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