The Bubble

It’s Thursday. I just need to write that down because I normally have no idea what day it is. Ive been in my bubble for 4 weeks and I know nothing. I only “escape” from the house has been the doctors office. I say escape, but I don’t mean it. Im loving being home and being able to rest and nap. Im lucky Im able to recover in such a snug place. I’ll know that Im really better when Im anxious to go out and about. Which is not now.

We went to get drain out on Tuesday as scheduled. Hurt a tiny bit but really nothing. The doctor notice a big bruise across my back which was puzzling, but to me anythings possible. By last night it looked better so just some rando side effect. Was able to take shower yesterday, hallelujah. So that made me feel great. Today Im going to take off dressing. Still tender and uncomfortable but yesterday only took 1 percocet all day, and 2 at night so Im getting there.

Meanwhile, the Magnificent Friends have been feeding us like royalty. Its so funny because at the beginning of this Sam was like “I don’t know if we want food from other people, who knows what they’ll bring” Meanwhile, we’ve had spaghetti and sauce, banana bread, almond cake, grilled chicken and veg, Osso bucco, Chicken chili and Beef Bourguignon. He’s realized my friends are the gourmet meal train and is now plotting to see what other catastrophes we can get into to keep the meals coming, lol.

Oh, dear lord, the tv just said its 16 degrees out there. Again, not leaving bubble so everything ok by me. Milesy off in NJ with girlfriend Meg and got a report that Phillip was shaking cocktails like a pro last night, so happy everyones around and I think this will be a great Christmas!

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