The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Ok, so lots of news. DR. called last night with the good news that pathology came back and all is clean. She had taken out 5 more lymph nodes and the were all clear plus remaining margin is good. So that’s obviously really great. Its hard to celebrate because of this stupid drain thats in my way, and I’m uncomfortable, and I tried to clean up which isn’t easy. I removed bandages and it looks like a 10 ton truck hit me squarely under my arm and took a piece with it. Im trying to be upbeat, but I feel shitty. Sam, my in-house saint is taking me to get my hair washed and dried bc I can’t get drain wet and cant really lift my arm. So maybe after that Ill feel better.

When I got home from the hospital, Barb showed up with the most ridiculous gift ever, and named him Ralph. I could not stop laughing. Then this morning Sam got him exercising and I almost fell down when I saw him. He’s worth his weigh in gold just to keep me amused.

I almost forgot to tell you guys about the first night in the hospital. They took me to my room (single, thank god) but I had a neighbor who chose to discuss opera at the top of his lungs at 10pm. Tosca. Do you want to see where my seats were? Heres a clip. What if Mariah Carey sang it? or Whitney Houston? All accompanied by loud clips of singing and him yammering on. So, being who I am, when the nurse comes in I naturally say “WTF is happening over there? Does that nut realize he’s in a HOSPITAL and it’s 10PM????? Evidently the message didn’t not get through until midnight. I think they drugged him just to shut him up, which is what I would have done if I was in charge.

Me, about to kill the guy next door

So generally, things going ok. Milesy coming home tomorrow. I think Im going to get drain removed Tuesday and that will make all the difference. OX

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