Valentines Day and MahJong

Yesterday was Valentines Day which is one of my favorite days ever. Thirty five years ago I jumped on top of the husband and said “Ya know, Valentines Day is in 2 years, lets get married then”, thus we were engaged. We worked and saved enough for the wedding in those 2 years and it ended up being a great event. Its been 33 years and I still adore him as much as I did the day we married. He’s my rock, and he’s been unbelievable through this whole health thing. I love that it seems like the whole world celebrates with us, thats there’s hearts and flowers everywhere. Its corny, but I cant help it.

Could we BE any cuter?

Yesterday, I also went to Anns Place (cancer support center) and played MahJong. I first went last week and absolutely LOVED it. Ive been wanting to learn for ages and I latched on as soon as I learned they offered it. Its the most complicated game but so much fun. I think because its visual, I caught on pretty quickly. However, I think that for me to master it will take the rest of my days! There’s tons of rules and strategies (which I haven’t even begun to understand), my whole focus is just trying to get a hand. The ladies in the group are so kind and generous and patient. They make learning fun and its been great getting to know them. I now have a new Friday obsession. I even have been winning a game here and there!

My first winning hand!

Meanwhile, Ive been trying to incorporate more veg in my diet. Im trying, but its not easy. At least Im more aware of what Im doing. Im still using Splenda, which Dr Katy feels is like arsenic. But Im trying to ease off. Im making more new recipes that are veg based. What I really want to do is have a cheeseburger and fries. I may get it soon because we are leaving for Pittsburgh to see our gorgeous great niece (and the rest of the family :). But Pittsburgh generally doesn’t have the best food choices (french fries served on salads) but they’re getting better and I’m sure it will be fine. The most important thing is Ill be able to eat that baby with a spoon. Im so excited to see everyone!

Shrimp & cauliflower, farro with artichokes, ratatouille. Who’s the healthiest?

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