The Princess

Last weekend we headed to Pittsburgh to see the family and try to figure out my father-in-law’s house. The great news is our nephew is going to buy the property and we are all thrilled that we are going to keep it in the family.

The BEST part of the weekend was seeing my nieces baby, Rose. She is a ball of deliciousness and it was lovely being able to hold her and get to know her (even though she’s only 2 mos.!) My niece is doing great and is as calm as a cucumber. Im very proud of her. The only downside was the drive (8 hrs) which was a lot. I did a bunch of errands when we got back and today I was pooped.

The Princess

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Katie and she did acupuncture on me and suggested I try edible marijuana to help with the “zings” of pain that are happening more and more because of the radiation. So now I’m trying to get a medical marijuana card so I can get at the local dispensary. It should be interesting, since I have zero experience with it and have never used it. We’ll see how THAT goes.

I’ve also resigned from my job with Roberts magazine. I realized there’s too many health issues going on, in addition to Gma, and there’s much stress. I need to simplify. Robert was very understanding, and I grateful he took the news so well.

It was a big week, and tomorrow we tackle taxes. Lord help us.

PS: Shout out to Lynn Heisler who keeps sending great words on encouragement which I really appreciate! XO

2 thoughts on “The Princess

  1. Hi Deb – your niece is such a cutie pie!! Smart move to de-stress with the job. I had some minor health issues going on a few years ago and everything went away after I quit my job. A friend of mine just got laid off 3 weeks ago and she’s also realizing her health is improving now that she’s not working. Praying you have the same results and kick this cancer’s butt. We all want to see you at our next scrapbooking retreat. =)


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