GMA strikes again plus mothballs

Saturday was GMAs 87th birthday. She was good and we went to a harbor restaurant and she enjoyed herself. It was a nice time but she’s been slipping lately. She can’t remember anything – yet she refuses to believe she cant remember anything. She’s driving me insane. Last Friday she had on her calendar that she had a dr appt today. I asked her about it because I didn’t have it on my phone. She said “Well, its been there forever!” indignantly. Yesterday I called the dr to check on the time of appointment, and they said Oh, she cancelled it. THEN, I call her and asked when she was planning to tell me about the cancellation and she got all pissy because Im confronting her…oy.

Ive gotten her helper to come twice a week, but she maintains that she doesn’t need it. She complains about all her “paperwork” but when I offer to pay all the bills, she flips and says “NO I can do it.” So really, I cant win. This morning I got 12 (literally) calls before 10am. Her car battery died and she called AAA, which was fine but then there was a whole ordeal of her wanting to go to the dealer to ask questions, check the car, talk to the people etc. Finally convinced her to let the tow people take the car and the dealership will let her know what’s wrong. But everything is an elaborated ordeal, not to be easily remedied.

Meanwhile, there’s a chipmunk living beneath our garage and my dear husband read that they don’t like mothballs so now the garage smells like Great Aunt Gertrudes old coat. There is not enough liquor in the world for all of this…

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