Covid Vacay

It’s been a while so I thought I’d check in. A lot has been going on and I’m about to catch you up. Last month I was doing work for my friend Susan who owns an interior design firm with her partner Mila. I met Susan about 25 years ago when she was the creative director at Wamsutta and I worked for her as the graphic design manager. We had a great working relationship which changed to a wonderful, lifelong friendship which Im so grateful for.

She was lucky enough to get a few large jobs, due to Corona, which are based in CT and Westchester and needed a bit of help which I was thrilled to do. Mainly I got to order millions of things, which I could do from home and it was the perfect fit. She got me inspired and Im going to update a couple of rooms in the house. The boys, of course are resistant because they like everything to stay the same. But, considering we decorated 20 years ago, we need some new looks. Ill post when complete.

Last week, we went on vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine. We had a great time and it was fun just hanging out, the 4 of us, exploring new places. We were at the Acadia National Park and the boys did a lot of hiking, including hikes that involved rebar in the mountain to hold on to (which clearly I skipped). I relaxed, read some books, one day we went antiquing. The area is beautiful and is definitely something to see. Everyone was careful about distancing, masks etc so we felt pretty safe.


It was a great time away and I feel blessed that we were able to do it. Soon Miles will start his job and the window will close for family trips being easy to coordinate. I know Covid is horrible, but the good that has come out of it is that I’ve really enjoyed having the boys home and being together. We may get on each others nerves sometimes, but it’s good to reconnect as a family. Our vacation made it clear we still enjoy being together and having adventures which I hope will never change.

Now we are back to the grindstone, but so happy to have new memories.

3 thoughts on “Covid Vacay

  1. Hi Deb,
    Nice to read your post. What’s Susan last name from Wamsuta days. I’m working at SchwartzDesingn Showroom in NJ, the y have a showroom in Stamford. CT. Interiors!
    Be well!


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