And…that’s a wrap.

Ive taken the LAST trial pill! Very exciting because that means the main part of treatment is complete. I’ll still be on Letrozole for years, but as far as we can tell, the cancer has been conquered. I asked the Dr how will we know if its completely gone, and his response was, we cant REALLY know. However, we’ve done everything possible, and more, to eradicate it. Im grateful that I was approved for the trial and I can go on from here.

I had a little celebration because an old friend was in town and it was an excuse to get our group together. We’ve known each other around 20 years and have watched each others children grow up. I think that because of Corona its so rare to get together now that when we do its really fun and special. We got carried away with the wine, as usual, but it was great hearing stories about the kids and sharing what’s been happening. I know I sound mushy, but without my friends I could never have gotten through until now.

Meanwhile, back at the GMA front, she needs a new sink and faucet and you would think she’s renovating a $6 mil. mansion. I pick out a sink and faucet and of course its not correct. Now she’s called in a plumber and he says it needs changed (which is fine) but she just goes on and on, till the break of dawn. Today she’s coming over to pick something, so Im having a lovely cannibus pill before arrival. Also, she having trouble with the circulation in her feet, which two doctors told her was because of age, but she refuses to believe it. So Friday, it back to the DR to torture her more.

Work has slowed down so Im focusing on getting plantings in and the dining room done. All exciting stuff. Plus my beloved New Orleans Saints won their first game of the season last night so everything going pretty good!

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