Im Back

It’s been an age, but now Im back. Health has been meh. In March I had pain which felt like kidney stones. Went to hospital, and no, they were gall stones. Any kind of stone, come to me, because I probably have them. So, we arrive at hospital on a Sunday and it was dead empty. They got me in pretty quickly, but because it was the afternoon they couldn’t schedule procedure for 2 DAYS! I was thankful I was filled with drugs. Which I kept asking for. Every 3 hours.

I have the operation and everything ok. I go home for a week and then am curled up in a ball and screaming in pillow because evidently a gall stone decided to hop into a bile duct, resulting in a “gangerous” situation. We get to the hospital, which is packed this time and I’m practically screaming in the waiting room. I get in, and the next day, the nurse comes in and I say I need drugs. She says “Lets wait until after the test.” The test ends up being 2 hours long and I’m dying. Finally they swing me over to surgery where I get more drugs and in I go. They end up putting in a stent to help clear the area. Then home a week, then back in to remove stent. All together – 3 hospital visits, 1.5 months of pain and $200k in bills, thank god for insurance.

Meanwhile, through all this, I’m planning Sam’s 60th birthday party. Even though the original plan was to have it be a surprise, it got out. He had a great time, though, and was very touched and grateful to all our friends and family that came to make his day special.

In other news, both the boys have moved. Phillip found a great apt. right on Arthur Ave in the Bronx, about a block away from the restaurant he works at. Forth floor walk up, so I’m going up and down exactly once per visit. Miles changed apartments in Chicago. Meg, his girlfriend, also moved to Chicago so everything is good out there.

Next up, we’re going to Atlanta for a long weekend. Which I cant wait for because I’m getting a knee replacement at the end of the month, so trying to get as much packed in before as possible. Plus had PET scan this past Saturday to see if cancer has spread to lung/liver because there were spots showing up on latest CAT scan. It’s never ending. The good news is there’s “Disco Night” at Phillips restaurant this week so I’ll just boogie down, and stay calm for now.

2 thoughts on “Im Back

  1. Hey Deb!

    Sorry things haven’t been all rosy in the health department. I’ve enjoyed seeing your pictures on Facebook and would have never guessed that you were in so much discomfort. My husband’s family is riddle with stones. Can’t say I’ve ever had one. Hopefully after the knee surgery you will be on the upswing.

    I like your nails btw – I may have to copy them at my next manicure appointment.

    Take care,



    1. Hi Jen! Nice to hear from you! The stones are the worst! Thank your lucky stars you’ve never had them.How is everyone doing?


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