On the Move 2

Ok. She was able to move in for 1 week. The Dr at Assisted living took a look at her and agreed with her that she shouldn’t have this much pain. But this was after a week of complaints etc. It just worked out that the dr visits and her arrival didn’t coincide so it took a bit longer.

Anyway this Tues he saw her and wanted a CAT scan done. Off to the hospital she goes. It takes so long that they decide to keep her over night and send her BACK TO REHAB on Wed. Turns out she has fractures on both sides of her sacrum, so there actually was cause. Now she has to go back to rehab until this heals (could be a while), but also paying for Assisted living.

Meanwhile I talk to her and she says “Deborah Ann, Im so lonely.”

She’s been there 1 day.

“I’ve BEEN UNDER THE KNIFE for 12 HOURS, where have you been?”

She had a CAT scan.

Really, its just getting better and better.

Also no one can see her because they are having Covid lock down again. Which, in a way, inst horrible from my point of view.

The good new is her apt. is coming along. Almost empty and we’ll probably put it up for sale after Labor Day. Ive signed all papers for both Nursing and Assisted so thats all done. I’ll have a story and a half for my poor old therapist tomorrow.

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