Easter Gratitude

Today is Easter and it’s a day of rebirth and revival. I’m finally starting to get rid of the rotten virus that I’ve had for the last 2 weeks and feeling better. We were invited to dear friends to celebrate the day and I am struck by how lucky I am.

I have friends that I consider my family. Now my own family consists of me and my crazy mother. So I’ve had to craft an extended family from a young age to count on through thick and thin (as I was told today). In this, I could not be more blessed. I know that my circles of friends have my back no matter what comes down the road. If I didn’t have them I really have no idea how Id get through anything.

I often marvel at how men can be “friends” but really not know that much about each other. Women open up about everything. Marriages, kids, health, parents. You name it, we know about it. Now MY friends are additionally lucky because I could NEVER repeat anything they tell me bc my mind is traditionally like a sieve and things go in…..and then they go out. But we know that if we need someone to listen to, someone to bitch at or just someone to grab a glass of wine with, we are here for each other.

So even though this last week has been completely shitty, I’m lucky. Im lucky that I have people around me that I know I can count on. This upcoming week will hopefully be filled with a lot more information to sift through. I know I can get through it with my family.

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