The Oncologist

We met with Dr. Z yesterday. I love and adore him. He’s from Brooklyn and has all the swagger and humor you would expect plus all the knowledge you could want. He has treated 2 of my friends, and they are doing great so I have confidence that he’ll help me get through too.

So the story is we are still waiting for some tests (Pet Scan and Breast MRI). But because I have lobular carcinoma, stage 2 (fingers crossed), have heart disease (heart attack), diabetes and high blood pressure (I pretty much everything except the Black Plague and Gout), I may be a contender for a trial that’s happening. They are testing a CDK inhibitor that is normally used in advanced stage cancer to see if it will help stop the growth and lessen the need for chemo, as chemo is not recommended for someone like me who’s already taking every drug ever invented.

I felt a little shaky after the appointment because there’s still a lot that needs to be sorted. I really want the plan to come together and to get started. There will be a “roundtable” type thing happening May 3 where all the doctors (Sloan Kettering, oncologists, surgeons, pathologists etc) sit around and discuss the case and see what the best options are. Plus, it was weird sitting in a “Cancer Center”. Who knew I would ever be there.

On another note, Ive hired a lady to help out with my mother one day a week. Of course my mother is anxious about what she will be doing for 5 hours. As if laundry, food shopping and listening to the constant stream of consciousness isn’t enough. I feel better about this as I’ll have a back up and things will get done even if Im not feeling great.

So over the next week, more tests and bloodwork. We’re getting there…

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