The Clinical Trial

Well, Ive been accepted into the Clinical Trial. I got the call from Dr. Z this afternoon and had to go to Stamford for meeting with Dr.L. This research study is evaluating how well Breast Cancer responds to preoperative treatment with Endocrine treatment in combination with a drug called Palbociclib or Endocrine treatment alone as possible treatments for Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer.

Basically, the drug Palbociclib has been effective treating stage 4 cancer and the study, which is being run by Dana Farber Cancer Institute, is investigating how effective it can be arresting cancer in earlier stages. Both Sam and I think that there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain because results so far indicate that the drug doubles the effectiveness of the traditional hormone therapy. Another plus is that hopefully this approach will cut down or even remove the need for chemo.

So tomorrow I go and sign up and we go from there. The trial will be 6 months and they’ll follow me for 10 years. If I have to go through all this, I may as well do some good along the way.

Got home from all of this and had 2 little presents at the door. My friends are the best. And they know me so well

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