Im Not A Player

Today was officially signing up for the study. Had to head down to the hospital again, sign papers and get blood drawn. Everything went smoothly and plus, because Im a cancer patient, I get FREE PARKING. Worth having cancer? Maybe not, but quite the perk, you must admit.

The crappy thing about today was the PET scan was delayed again because the insurance company wants to see exactly how mostly dead I am before the approve the tests. I guess these particular tests are common for patients with higher stages of cancer. Dr C is having a peer-to-peer meet with insurance tomorrow so hopefully the next appointment (next Wednesday) will go through.

On the bright side, on the way down to the hospital today all I could see were the trees blooming, the sun shining and what a beautiful day it was. On of my favorite 90s songs came on the radio, which always brings out my inner Bronx (see below) and I had to feel ok.

Finally I had to go to the eye doctor, because why not? Happily everything ok there and Dr. A said BC is NOT what’s going to get me. We agreed it might be my mother…but yet to be determined 🙂

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