Big Giant Baby

Today was going to be a good day because I had no doctors appointments scheduled. I could have just relaxed at home…but no. Being the idiot I am, I decided to get the car serviced. I show up at dealership and long story short, the service time ends up being 4 hours.

For some reason, after sitting in the waiting room for said 4 hours, I was overcome with depression and ready to cry. I don’t know what plunged me into the abyss. Whether everything just hit me, or I had too many nutter butter mini cookies, or it was their television choice of Lets Make a Deal followed by a soap opera that finally did it. I also got the call that PET scan is STILL not approved and I now have to have some bone scan and had to rearrange all appointments for next week. It’s just too much. I’d like it to be done now. But its the beginning, and I, evidently, am up shits creek.

I feel like a Big Giant Baby. I should be dealing with this a drop better than I am. When I think about it, my situation could be a hell of a lot worse. But its still crappy. Just sayin. Tomorrow Im going to do something fun and Im going to try and forget about all of this for the day, damn it.

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