Murder, She Watched

Yesterday was a stay at home, no doctors, hang in jammies day. Couple of great things. My son Phillip was published for the first time! He wrote an article and it was accepted by the Keene Sentinal, which is the town he’s graduating college from in 2 weeks. Im so proud of him and I know he’ll do great things…see article below

We got good news about Miles too. On Facebook there was an article about the probability that if you threw temper tantrums as a toddler you will be a wealthy adult. We’ve determined the Miles will be a BILLIONAIRE and as such will be tapped to take care of his dilapidated parents…

After all that excitement, we just sat around and watched my favorite murder mysteries. For my whole life Ive loved Agatha Christie. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE film is Murder on the Orient Express. I love to watch Poirot, Miss Marple and really any English murder mystery. I love that the locations, sets and props are correct. I love that everything is tidy and wrapped up in the end. I love that even though you’re dead, you’re stylishly dead. And my husband, god love him, sat there and watched them all with me. This guy is ridiculous because he’s SO GOOD. He’s been with me every step of the way and I really have no idea how I could ever go through life without him.

Plus he just brought me an espresso. What more could I ever want?

One thought on “Murder, She Watched

  1. Great, successful kids, and a gem of a husband! Love always conquers the shit-family shit, job shit…even medical shit. That is what always gets us through! Lean on them; lean on us. ❤️


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